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Luke Anthony Rooney

Luke explores the construction of queer identity and discourse by subverting and reclaiming language used to discriminate.

Through the use of collage and sewing, Luke aims to disrupt a visual culture that has long sustained the circulation of an aggressive and homophobic public discourse.

Instagram: @lukeanthonyrooney

Kathy Rooney

Kathy is a late-comer to art practice having only started to learn to draw and paint after two eye operations completely transformed her vision in terms of clarity, detail and the perception of colour.

In her painting, she explores colour and colour interaction, engagement with surface (mainly canvas), and often the ambiguous shape of the square. She turns and twists the canvas to allow gravity to pull the pigment in different directions. The gesturally applied layers of pigment, following the movement of her arm, and the straight lines of the gravitational drips evolve into sinuous, curving shapes and grids evoking spun and unspun threads.

Her screenprints continue her preoccupation with layering colours and gestural organic shapes.

Instagram: @kathy.rooney28

Hanan Tawfiq

Hanan is originally from Baghdad, Iraq, where she was interested in art and calligraphy. Aged 30, she came to the UK, where she learned a new language and encountered many new cultures which deeply influenced her work.

Jan Pimblett

Jan creates dynamic relationships between found objects, both organic and manufactured. The tension between materiality, colour, texture and forms is used to explore memory, place and lived experience, evoking new ways of looking at the past and experiencing the present.

Jan’s work is impermanent. She deconstructs and cannibalises her artwork to form new pieces. Once works are dismantled, they can never re-appear. In each work, the physical expression of ideas already tells an impending ghost story.

Jan is a member of the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

Instagram: @JanPimblett

Iliana Ortega-Alcázar

Iliana works across a variety of media including printmaking, painting, and digital media, often bringing them together in the creation of both 2D and 3D installation pieces. Iliana’s practice deals with contemporary social and political issues: key concerns relate to the politics and gendered aspects of home-making, and issues relating to migration, home and belonging.

Iliana approaches her subject matter through a personal lens, and using the language of abstraction. She draws on everyday imagery relating to the domestic and the local urban environments - such as patterns found in tea towels, cleaning cloths, wall paper, pavements, graffiti, and features in domestic architecture.

Instagram: @iliana.ortega.alcazar

Freddy McBride

As a professional architect and printmaker, Freddy’s art practice has naturally gravitated towards research into the impact of visual culture within the public realm.

Freddy examines various forms of graphic imagery that occupy and define our ‘public’ spaces, and how exposure to such imagery both conditions and desensitises us.


Moritz Nicolai

Moritz is a London-based, Munich-born print designer – working and producing large screen prints on canvas in his studio space at the Bainbridge Print Studios in Elephant and Castle.

He merges a graphical style with his vibrant and lively colour palette and contrasting use of black which lends an ominous but contradictory light to the imagery. This bold combination suits the combination of playfulness and authenticity in his work.

Moritz is a member of the Printmakers Council and exhibited at the RA Summer Exhibition 2023.


Natalie Dee

Natalie is a mixed media artist working mainly in printmaking and collage.

A fascination with the notion that an individual's personality is a collection of fragments (some clear, some hidden and some unknown) motivates her work.

Instagram: @art.journey4


Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn is a London-born, Manchester-based print artist. Her work is inspired by landscape, especially human interventions in the world around us. She is concerned with our impact on the environment and its impact on us. Themes include fragility, decay, renewal and resilience.

Carolyn uses a range of printmaking techniques, experimenting with texture, pattern and illusions of space. She is a member of the Printmakers Council and exhibits regularly. Highlights include the RA Summer Exhibition 2023.

Instagram: @carolynmurphyprintmaker

Banana Refresh

Maryam Abdollahi

Maryam is a multi-disciplinary artist who increasingly works on 3D installations inspired by her passion for theatre. The poetic, emotional, and reflective strands in her work foreground her questions about life.

Instagram: @mrymabdlhi

Mac & Co.

Angela Forrester

Angela Forrester is an artist and graphic designer with an interest in communication. Her work investigates the potential of the halftone, an image-making system with its roots in commercial printing, as a way to translate the visual into a binary language. She also works with text as a way to explore themes like how words and language define the limitations of our knowledge and how words can both communicate and obfuscate.


Phil Dunn

Phil is a multidisciplinary artist who conceives and executes work that incorporates performance, sound, photography, moving image, computer programming, and writing. He combines digital and analogue technologies to construct or record his work which is presented as durational multi-media installations.

While encompassing serious topics, there is always an element of storytelling and an undercurrent of wry humour as he gently pokes fun at himself, or some other subject of his art.

Instagram: @Muswell_phil

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