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Memories? Or Fiction?
Multimedia installation

Maryam is a multi-disciplinary artist who increasingly works on a 3D installations inspired by her passion for theatre. The poetic, emotional, and reflective strands in her work foreground her questions about life.

Instagram: @mrymabdlhi

    Memories? Or Fiction?, her work in this show, concerns past memories that Maryam believes construct our sense of self. She has only one photo from before she was three years old and absolutely no memories of what occurred before that time, neither how she looked nor what she did, giving her a sense of suspension and vagueness about her background.

    ‘Everything we see, then, serves as a reminder of something else we already knew, saw, had, listened to, tasted, or smelled’. Have we really experienced our memories or they are built by our mind or through our dreams? Do our memories and photos from childhood have a role in creating a sense of belonging for us?

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