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The Mighty Needs of Zeus
6-colour Screen print on canvas

Moritz Nicolai is a London-based, Munich-born print designer – working and producing large screen prints on canvas in his studio space at the Bainbridge Print Studios in Vauxhall.

    He merges a graphical style with his vibrant and lively colour palette and contrasting use of black which lends as an ominous but contradictory light to the imagery. This bold combination suits the combination of playfulness and authenticity in his work.

    His most recent artwork ‘The Mighty Needs of Zeus’ reinterprets the classical motif of Zeus stealing Europa, mother of King Minos, which many great artists including Rembrandt, Brooks, Tischbein the Elder and Titian have also portrayed. Moritz is the latest to respond to this topic, his screenprint providing a contemporary response to this familiar scene. His attempt on this saga is to convey a causal and complimentary but harmonic expression.

    Moritz is a member of the Printmakers Council as well as currently exhibiting at the RA Summer Exhibition 2023.

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