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Shallow Time - single channel video, 25mins
Song of a Sourdough - single channel video, 12min 23sec
flour, water, plywood, 33 x 20 x 22 (HxWxD)

Phil is a multidisciplinary artist who conceives and executes work that incorporates performance, sound, photography, moving image, computer programming, and writing. He combines digital and analogue technologies to construct or record his work which is presented as durational multi-media installations.

Instagram: @Muswell_phil

    As an artist establishing his practice later in life, his work draws on his former career experience and his ever-present love of nature, music, songs and cooking; occasionally offering a critique of the business world from which he emerged or engaging with current environmental and social issues.

    While encompassing serious topics, there is always an element of storytelling and an undercurrent of wry humour as he gently pokes fun at himself, or some other subject of his art.

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